The first thought and the blog post

The first thought and the blog post

OCTOBER 22, 2011     General    

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For a long time I was so excited to finish my website's blog system and start blogging about the different life experiences in my life and my thoughts, point of view about the new existing and up coming technologies. The main focus of this blog would be about the technology, cars, computer, electronic, websites and anything interesting and cool. The only thing i’ll try to avoid in this blog is to discuss about my personal life and sharing the details.

The main point of this blog system is practice and implementation of different web technologies in the blog system. Also I may share some of my experiences in website designing and show you guys some parts of my projects and give you some sample codes.

The only thing I would like to ask the readers of this blog is, please don’t ask me the How-To questions. If you have any question you can always tweet me @masoudhaghi or add me on the different social networks which you can find it on my website’s contact page.

About the Author
Masoud Haghi

is an enthusiast designer, developer and system architect and he love to write about the creative design, integration, development and technology. Building startup companies and social branding is one of his hobbies and work routine. His latest startup company JaaMaa is comprehensive real estate system.


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