How removing all my connections generate more engagement

How removing all my connections generate more engagement

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So many of us use different social media websites for personal and professional purposes to connect with people and coordinate our daily lives and jobs with friends and colleagues. The problem with these websites and services is that they will never try to keep your connection updated and mainly focus on your personal and professional information.

I have started using Facebook and LinkedIn since 2009 and as of today still use these social media website for both personal and professional purposes. My main struggle with these platforms is getting low engagement from friends and connections, which I have tried to investigate and find the issue. There are so many digital marketers out there that they suggest generating quality contents to get more engagement on your social media accounts. But so far in my case, regardless of the content I post on my social media accounts, I still get low engagement from the followers and connections.

After investing some time to review the insights and statistics from my social media accounts, I have found out that I have too many connections and friends who never interact with the contents I prepare and share online. To better describe this group of people, the term "ghost followers" describe the individuals who are following a page or person on social media services, and they are usually not active or rarely active. These ghost followers often do not interact with the content nor the people.

Old and irrelevant connections

To further investigate the low engagement and ghost followers, it is essential to pay attention to the people you are connecting to on social media websites and services. In my case, I started using Facebook and LinkedIn when I was a student and was looking for job opportunities. I mostly connect with other students and human resource specialist and managers on these services. As times goes by and I started my own business, some of these connections become irrelevant to my career and business. It is imperative to keep your social media connections relevant to your business. This way, when you are creating new contents and share on your social media accounts, these people can relate more to the content. When people can relate to the content, the chances are higher to get better engagement and feedback from them.

Therefore if you have old contacts that no longer in favour of your career and personal life, you can go ahead and remove them from your social media accounts.

Interact more often with your connections

After removing the old and irrelevant connections from your social media accounts, you will notice the content from the people who are more fitted to your career or business. When you have contacts who are active in your work industry, automatically you get the contents more relevant to your business. Interacting with these people and their content will help you build better engagement for your social media accounts. The content you create and share will get their attention as they can relate to comparing to general subjects.

After getting the right audience in your social media accounts, you can start creating and sharing useful contents and watch your engagement grow every day. Like so many internet marketing experts suggest the "content is the king". Social media accounts without the right contents cannot bring recognition and get the best engagement.


If you are trying to improve your social media account for personal or professional use, and you cannot get good results. Try to remove your unrelated followers and try to build the best audience for your business. Once you have the correct audience and followers, create and share useful and relevant content.

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