Introducing new Phaze app

Introducing new phaze app

NOVEMBER 09, 2015     Development    

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Back in 2013, for the first time I have seen the heavy air pollution caused by forest burning and start to hear "Haze" often from the news broadcasting companies and over social media. I have never knew the dangers and side effects of the haze on human lives and especially on our health. While I was away from the affected area and I was spending my days and nights far from the people who suffer from the polluted air, I have decided to start developing a simple application on Microsoft Windows Phone platform to display the latest updates, so the people can adjust their daily activities and take necessary precautions.

In the beginning getting the data was not simple and I always had my worries about getting reliable data for my app. But in the same days, I get an opportunity to know a group of motivated people at Evozi who have been working and dedicating their time to build an API to deliver seamless data and they agreed to give me an exclusive permission to use their back-end service with my new upcoming application. In the beginning the structure of the application was as simple as it only display the air pollution and weather details of a single location and allow the users to choose a different location from the list.

Soon after releasing the freshly developed Phaze app, got invited to the launch event of Nokia Lumia 925 in Microsoft Malaysia office on 24th July 2013 to introduce the new application and talk about the experience of developing applications with help and support of Microsoft, Nokia and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC). The amazing experience and involvement with Microsoft and Nokia community to get insights and professional tips and advice from the experts and mentors made me proud to stand in front of the member of media and corporate managers and talk about my journey and experience.

Introducing Phaze app at Nokia Lumia 925 launch event at Microsoft Malaysia office

New Phaze

Today, after 2 years releasing the Phaze application for Windows Phone, I'm proud to introduce the new Phaze for Windows Phone, Windows 8/10 and Web. Regardless of the platform you are using, you can navigate to the Phaze Web App and after it loads completely, from the options in your browser find "Add to home" and pin the app to your home screen. In the following video you can learn how to do that on iPhone.

Learn how to use Phaze app on iPhone and Android.1. Visit on your smart phone 2. Open options and choose "Add to home screen" 3. Now you have Phaze app on iPhone and Android. Stay tuned and look for the updates :)

Posted by Phaze - Haze Monitoring on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The new version of Phaze app cover the different locations across Malaysia and Singapore. The users can browse through the country base locations and check the details and history of the air pollution of a specific location by choosing the location. The comment section is embedded for each location, so the users make their comments and start conversation with the others who may have interest in the air quality of that location and share their thoughts.

The new application has map section to display the air quality readings on map and soon it will be updated with more details and features to help the users to predict the changes in the affected areas. The news section provide the latest news, updates about the upcoming haze and alert the people to avoid their unnecessary outdoor activities and take care of their children and elders.

In past couple of years the love of the supports and users was always one of the strong reasons which pushed me to improve the application and increase the awareness between people to avoid their outdoor activities and protect their health. I like to invite every user and reader to share the application and your love with others and together help everyone to learn about the effects of air pollution and haze on our daily life and health.


Download the Phaze app from Windows Store


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