Personal Cyber Security

Personal cyber security

JULY 08, 2016     General    
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How often are you concerned about your personal security when it comes to sharing your personal and contact information? This is one of the hottest and trendiest topics in cyber security and personal security field these days. Every day we are hearing the stories of big companies and various applications using different security measurements like two-factor authentication, end to end encryption and many other techniques while there are many more news headlines about giant companies and famous application get hacked and the user data is stolen.


These news headlines get us thinking that aren’t those security measures there to protect our data against security breaches? Why the experts never foreseen these circumstances and prepare fall back strategies to protect the data and make it unreadable to others. Well the truth is, most of the times those who call themselves experts, cannot foreseen all the possible breaches and provide strategies and methods to prevent the possible vulnerabilities.
The most common methods these days apply to the applications and systems is the two factor authentication to prevent the breach of personal password and unauthorized login to personal or work accounts and the second most used method is end to end encryption which makes it impossible for the others who are tracing network packets and intercept the network traffic to decode the content and messages.

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