Jaamaa: The comprehensive information system for the real estate market in IRAN

Jaamaa: the comprehensive information system for the real estate market in iran

JUNE 07, 2019     General    
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When you are living overseas for a long time, you start adjusting to society and the mindset of the people surrounded you. These small changes and adoption of the culture, education and even the way people think get a positive effect on you and how you look at the world. In most part of the world when people face problems and issues with their daily lives, just small percentage of those will immediately try to look for a solution and solve or at least minimize the effect on their lives.

I was far from home for almost a decade and didn't feel the changes happening in my own city until I returned to the city of Tehran. It was already grown so big with problems from transportation, pollution and other problems we see in large cities around the world. According to the report from the World Population Review (2019), the population of the city of Tehran has increased to about 8.3 million people which is roughly is 10% of the population of IRAN today. With the increase in population and density of the city, issues like transportation and communication become bolder.

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