How removing all my connections generate more engagement

How removing all my connections generate more engagement

JUNE 07, 2020     General    
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So many of us use different social media websites for personal and professional purposes to connect with people and coordinate our daily lives and jobs with friends and colleagues. The problem with these websites and services is that they will never try to keep your connection updated and mainly focus on your personal and professional information.

I have started using Facebook and LinkedIn since 2009 and as of today still use these social media website for both personal and professional purposes. My main struggle with these platforms is getting low engagement from friends and connections, which I have tried to investigate and find the issue. There are so many digital marketers out there that they suggest generating quality contents to get more engagement on your social media accounts. But so far in my case, regardless of the content I post on my social media accounts, I still get low engagement from the followers and connections.

Social Media Messaging for Websites

Social media messaging for websites

MAY 23, 2016     General    
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After so long time of evolution of business cards, not much has been changed in term of the content and interaction methods. With gaining popularity of the online websites and email services, people only start using their email address and online websites on their business cards. After so many years of existence of the concept of the business cards, there was not much of innovation other than embedding the NFC chip inside the card to share the contact information easier with just a tap on their mobile devices. The first issue of NFC business cards is some of the manufacturers limited the functionality of their devices near field communication chips for payments and content sharing and it may not be widely supported on different mobile platforms. The other issue of NFC enabled business cards is the high production cost for purchasing the cards, writing the NFC data and finally printing the design.

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