JaaMaa Corporate Branding and Stationary Design

Branding     JUNE 20, 2016    

In today’s business world one of the most important things for businesses and services is strong presence in the market and social media services to advertise and sell their services and products. In the large market with large number of competitors accomplishing this task is not an easy job and it requires help from professionals who have vast knowledge in branding and marketing. In order to build strong presence in market, every business should build their image and what they represent first and then focus on marketing for their services and products.

The first step to build an official image of the company is to design the corporate identity which represent the company and the products. Many people may not remember your company name or products, but sure they will remember your logo and what you are representing in the market. The simple and meaningful image would help your potential customers to remember and follow the updates on your company, services and products much easier.

Using the official corporate stationary and letters is one of the most traditional ways to market and advertise for your business as the letter and envelop pass from one person to another and in between it may pass through couple of people.

The following corporate identity and branding designed for the recent real estate startup in Tehran, Iran. JaaMaa is comprehensive real estate system which allow the individuals, real estate companies and agents to list their properties and the service users browse and find their desired property faster and more efficient.

In past couple of years as more people use internet and mobile technologies in Iran, the demand for internet based services is growing every day. But due to lack of proper branding, not so many of these services and companies are successful as they should be.


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