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One of the essentials in designing a good product is to start from designing the blueprint of the product by putting together the components and design elements and rearrange the structure and styles until satisfy the standards and create the big picture and illustrate how the final product would look like. The process of drafting and designing the product is called wireframing, and its purpose is to visually illustrate the structure and represent the final product.

However the wireframe would play a critical role in designing the product structure, it also can be used to document the product and the system and shows the elements, components, interactions and even the use to study and enhance the user experience. Since the wireframe is static and fixed content, it can be used for documentation purpose and record the overall process of designing and development of the product or parts of the product.

There are many different methods for wireframing and arrangement of components to achieve the best structural design and provide the best user experience. These methods are designed based on the psychological behavior of the people which can help us to identify the focus points and we can rearrange the structure to achieve the best results.

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