MAY 05, 2016     Professional Services    

Since the process of development and reaching the final production takes a long time and requires full budget, it’s hard for the clients to visualize the final product and decide whether it’s going to satisfy their needs and requirements. The prototypes are basically the high fidelity copy of the wireframes which are fully functional and the users can interact with it and in the same time test the user experience and the logical structure of the system.

Even though, the prototype software are rather look completed and close to final production, but usually they have lack of design elements and especially security issues. The prototyping main purpose is to get a complete look and feel of the final product in terms of functionality and the potential security risks are not the main concern in this stage. It’s highly advised to avoid using the prototype systems in production and as final product.

Usually the prototype systems are used to demonstrate the logical behavior of the system and its components and after the finalization of the workflow and the logic, the same system get prepared to be developed to the final product by adding the graphical elements and the user interface and securing the potential flaws in the program and restrict the access to the core functionalities and the database of the system.


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