For past 5 years, I've been helping Facebook and Facebook Community to build and complete the geolocation and contact information of the locations available in our real world and made nearly 3000 edits in order to have more accurate information about the physical locations on internet. The Facebook geolocation information is very useful for navigational purposes, discovery of new locations and enabling people to get familiar with unknown areas and locations. [  580 more words ]
For past 5 years, I've been helping Facebook and Facebook Community to build and complete the geolocation and contact information of the locations available in our real world and made nearly 3000 edits in order to have more accurate information about the physical locations on internet. The Facebook geolocation information is very useful for navigational purposes, discovery of new locations and enabling people to get familiar with unknown areas and locations. [ 580 more words ]
Personal Cyber Security

Personal cyber security

JULY 07, 2016     Security    
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How often are you concerned about your personal security when it comes to sharing your personal and contact information? This is one of the hottest and trendiest topics in cyber security and personal security field these days. Every day we are hearing the stories of big companies and various applications using different security measurements like two-factor authentication, end to end encryption and many other techniques while there are many more news headlines about giant companies and famous application get hacked and the user data is stolen.


These news headlines get us thinking that aren’t those security measures there to protect our data against security breaches? Why the experts never foreseen these circumstances and prepare fall back strategies to protect the data and make it unreadable to others. Well the truth is, most of the times those who call themselves experts, cannot foreseen all the possible breaches and provide strategies and methods to prevent the possible vulnerabilities.
The most common methods these days apply to the applications and systems is the two factor authentication to prevent the breach of personal password and unauthorized login to personal or work accounts and the second most used method is end to end encryption which makes it impossible for the others who are tracing network packets and intercept the network traffic to decode the content and messages.

Modern Business Card Design

Modern business card design

JUNE 08, 2016     General    
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After so long time of evolution of business cards, not much has been changed in term of the content and interaction methods. With gaining popularity of the online websites and email services, people only start using their email address and online websites on their business cards. After so many years of existence of the concept of the business cards, there was not much of innovation other than embedding the NFC chip inside the card to share the contact information easier with just a tap on their mobile devices. The first issue of NFC business cards is some of the manufacturers limited the functionality of their devices near field communication chips for payments and content sharing and it may not be widely supported on different mobile platforms. The other issue of NFC enabled business cards is the high production cost for purchasing the cards, writing the NFC data and finally printing the design.

Social Media Messaging for Websites

Social media messaging for websites

MAY 22, 2016     General    
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In last couple of years with growing of the social media websites and need for real time communication with others, the demand for messaging application rise and many companies tried to conquer the market by offer their own messaging system and application, which was often bundle with a specific hardware of platform like Blackberry messenger or it was limited to group of people with certain membership like Facebook Messenger.

Now with growing demand and integration of existing services to enhance the user experience and create a seamless ecosystem, most of the companies are looking for new ways to combine their own services to satisfy their users and attract the others to switch from their messaging platform. The race started with developing applications for different platforms so regardless of the hardware, people still can get the same experience with their existing devices and building a larger target audience. The second stage was application improvements and adding features like stickers, media sharing, location based services and games.

Safely using external libraries and plugins

APRIL 26, 2016     Developer Tips    
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Nowadays there are many frameworks, libraries and plugins available to developers on internet and sometimes these products due to their large size or the beta stage, they have potential bugs and flaws which makes the products invulnerable to these bugs if the developers are not careful to foreseen these possibilities and prepare their systems with fallback strategies. These available software would make it easier for people to code and develop systems and reduce their required development time and budget, but we should prepare for the secret key, not all of them are secure and perfect.


Introducing new Phaze app

Introducing new phaze app

NOVEMBER 09, 2015     Development    
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Back in 2013, for the first time I have seen the heavy air pollution caused by forest burning and start to hear "Haze" often from the news broadcasting companies and over social media. I have never knew the dangers and side effects of the haze on human lives and especially on our health. While I was away from the affected area and I was spending my days and nights far from the people who suffer from the polluted air, I have decided to start developing a simple application on Microsoft Windows Phone platform to display the latest updates, so the people can adjust their daily activities and take necessary precautions.

In the beginning getting the data was not simple and I always had my worries about getting reliable data for my app. But in the same days, I get an opportunity to know a group of motivated people at Evozi who have been working and dedicating their time to build an API to deliver seamless data and they agreed to give me an exclusive permission to use their back-end service with my new upcoming application. In the beginning the structure of the application was as simple as it only display the air pollution and weather details of a single location and allow the users to choose a different location from the list.

Modern website design and development

JULY 20, 2015     Development    
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In past decade with improvements in internet infrastructure and enhancement of internet browsers and advances in the web technologies, the web design and development industries have changed and no longer designing a website is as simple as designing a plain page with Microsoft Expression Web or Adobe Dreamweaver.

During the past couple of years we have seen incredible improvement in website designs thanks to HTML5 and CSS3 and of course creativity and hard work of the designers and developers in the web community. Nowadays, website design and development is not same as before and no one starts any web project from scratch as there are many frameworks, UI kits, and even ready to use Content Management Systems (CMS) out there which can be used easily. The website design and development is transformed from designing the front-end from an empty paper to ready to use UI kits and UI frameworks and the backend development from coding in notepad to just running installation.php.

The new modern website is all about integration with services, social networks and other websites. Most of modern websites somehow preferred to use other services and websites instead of developing the very same feature the other offers. For example, most of website due to high interactivity of social networks, they prefer to have the comment section provided by Facebook and Disqus. By using their comment plugin, no longer they have to be worried about handling the user data, comment data and even analytics and most importantly the maintenance.

Free notification system for mobile apps

MARCH 04, 2015     Development    
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In most of the mobile and tablet application that we use every day we can see the application notifications and news services which helps the developers and data providers to be more engaged with their users and make it much more pleasing experience while using the application. These notifications can be categorized to few types base on the way they are working.

The first type and most expensive type is push notifications which usually hosted on a cloud service and pushed to user mobile device by special event which triggers on specific time or happening. These notifications mostly pushed from a web or cloud service to the mobile device and it would increase the cost as the number of the users grow.

The second type of notifications are less flexible as the it only triggers when the users open the application and it makes a request to the server or web service to retrieve the unread messages. This method also requires a database and web service to transfer the messages to the application. With using this method the developer also can keep track of the users and the notifications.

The last type is the most easiest and cheapest among other types of notifications. This method is very similar to the second type of the notifications and basically it’s a simple news or message delivery where it trigger by lunching the application and retrieve all the existing messages and display it to the user.

Coke counter

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014     Development    
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It’s been a long time I had an idea to turn my coke (coca cola) addiction to a fun and educating application where you can store the history of the cokes you have ever drank and in return get a full statistics of how much sugar and calories you got from the drink.

I though for long time that it might be a good idea for those who need to keep track of their health issues like the people with diabetes or other sicknesses and for those who are healthy and living a healthy life to keep an eye on the calories they get from each drink. So they can do more exercise to burn the calories and maintain their healthy life style.

As for me and I think quite number of the developers, drinks with sugar like Coke is essential when our brain ran out of the juice. It’s like having a nitrous on your car and when you feel like falling behind, just get a shot of N2O into your engine and get an instant boost.

With saying all of that, I always wanted to build something for fun use and also make it useful. The good news is that I just started building the web-service powering this app idea and hopefully in next few days I can show you something cool.


Windows phone 7 development

DECEMBER 27, 2011     Windows Phone    
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Last week I attended to Windows Phone 7 Development workshop at Taylor’s University which was from Nokia Developers and Microsoft Malaysia. The event starts with an introduction about Windows Phone 7 platform and its amazing features. The first feature and the most unique one among the other phone platforms is the Live Tiles which shows the applications and the number of the pending notifications of each app. It also updates base on any changes in the application and its content. For example, you can create an application for the weather to display the current weather, as the weather changes the live tile will changes and displays the current weather condition in form of graphic and text.

Comparing to other phone platforms, Windows Phone 7 use the simple and flat images as the Tiles (Icons) but you still can choose an image as your application’s tile. The simplicity of the live tile will prevent any confusion for user to understand the app content. One of the criteria of developing and publishing an app to Windows Phone Marketplace is to choose the best image (should be related to app) as the tile.

In Windows Phone 7, the user experience improved a lot even when you compare it with other existing phone operating systems, you will find out it’s very easy to use Windows Phone. As managing and arranging the contents on the phone size screen is very difficult and important, in Windows Phone there are different layout controls which are flexible and simple to use for developers. If the existing controls are not enough, you still can add more by downloading the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit.

The first thought and the blog post

OCTOBER 22, 2011     General    
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For a long time I was so excited to finish my website's blog system and start blogging about the different life experiences in my life and my thoughts, point of view about the new existing and up coming technologies. The main focus of this blog would be about the technology, cars, computer, electronic, websites and anything interesting and cool. The only thing i’ll try to avoid in this blog is to discuss about my personal life and sharing the details.

The main point of this blog system is practice and implementation of different web technologies in the blog system. Also I may share some of my experiences in website designing and show you guys some parts of my projects and give you some sample codes.

The only thing I would like to ask the readers of this blog is, please don’t ask me the How-To questions. If you have any question you can always tweet me @masoudhaghi or add me on the different social networks which you can find it on my website’s contact page.

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