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MAY 05, 2016     Professional Services    
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Often the website design term is mistaken for designing the website structure in graphical software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Designing the overall structure of the website or any other products is known as mock-up which illustrates the looks and feel of the website and display the final presentation of the product without involvement of any interaction and functionality.


MAY 05, 2016     Professional Services    
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Since the process of development and reaching the final production takes a long time and requires full budget, it’s hard for the clients to visualize the final product and decide whether it’s going to satisfy their needs and requirements. The prototypes are basically the high fidelity copy of the wireframes which are fully functional and the users can interact with it and in the same time test the user experience and the logical structure of the system.


MAY 05, 2016     Professional Services    
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One of the essentials in designing a good product is to start from designing the blueprint of the product by putting together the components and design elements and rearrange the structure and styles until satisfy the standards and create the big picture and illustrate how the final product would look like. The process of drafting and designing the product is called wireframing, and its purpose is to visually illustrate the structure and represent the final product.